Data Science and the Proposed Area of Study

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Data Science and the Proposed Area of Study

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Pursuing a BS in Data Science at the University of Michigan. On the application, when it comes to the proposed area of study on the application, there are three blocks: Discipline, concentration, and major.

Major is easy, the program is called data science...

Discipline is tricky. There is "Computer and Computational Science" - feel like you could make a case that machine learning, neural networks, etc fall under "computational science". There is "Information Sciences". There is "Mathematics" which I wouldn't think would be appropriate except that most of my core courses are in the Depts of Math and Statistics. And then there's "Operations Research" father is an Operations Research Analyst for the DoD (Air Force) and most of what he does is really analytics. So any suggestions on which is most appropriate and/or most advantageous to list?

And what are they looking for in the concentration block?