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internship q

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for anyone who has already done an internship... LMI told me to contact my SF to find out when myinternship dates would be so I can find housing, but my SF is not responding. does anyone know if there is a date which we are supposed to find out by? :/


Re: internship q

Post by LostinCyberspace »

I'm in the same boat. My SF hasn't given me any information about the internship. I was told I would have gotten more information in December, but here we are in January, and I'm waiting for a response from my most recent email. With the government shut down, I'm not expecting anything soon.


Re: internship q

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The shutdown has 0 influence on the DOD. For reference, most people end up being in a scenario where they need to take most of december off so thats probably why they didnt get back to you.

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Re: internship q

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Last year I heard from my SF in early February, I wouldn't worry too much.

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