Taking 5 years due to covid

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Taking 5 years due to covid

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Hello! I'm pursuing a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering at my university. Unfortunately due to my school's policy, I failed a class and I now have to take five years. (to pass a class you need a 73 or better in your exams category) I'm wondering how likely it is that smart will approve me taking an extra year and if there is anything I can do to improve my chances. This semester was really hard on me with being online and constantly switching between in-person and online due to idiots at my university thinking they should go to frat houses every weekend and get totally wasted. Any tips would be very much appreciated! They originally funded me for three years with this setback they would fund four years. Thanks for the advice and hope everybody had a great holiday season and here's hoping 2021 is a better year than this one.

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Re: Taking 5 years due to covid

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Contact your SMART POC and your SF POC. They'll have you fill out a SAAR for an Award Length Increase. They will probably approve it: the DoD wants educated, contractually obligated employees, not dropout debtors.

Good luck! Please report back to us with what happens.

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