Predicted Amount Owed vs Actual

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Predicted Amount Owed vs Actual

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Hey, curious if anyone has experience withdrawing or being booted from the program. I am interested to see how close either the (1) vague email from smart or (2) amount owed listed on the website compares to the actual debt amount from DFAS.

For example, I inquired about my debt owed if I withdraw and received an email that stated "The total funds expended on your behalf as of date is $###,###.## If you choose to withdraw, instructions for repaying any and all funds expended on your behalf under the program will be provided to you at a later date and will include the total amount owed which may or may not be equal to the total amount expended on your behalf. The SMART Program Office does not make that determination and we cannot tell you at this time exactly how much you would owe."

Seems crazy that they cant even tell you how much you owe?

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Re: Predicted Amount Owed vs Actual

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Hello, you might find some advice in the debtors discord. pm me and i'll link it to you.

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