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Starting Salary

Post by dcpamd »

Does anyone here know the bare minimum starting salary for a STEM BS in this program. I am just trying to apply to housing near my SF since there are still phase 2 delays but my lease is up. However they have a minimum salary requirement. Its not unreasonable, I just need the lowest value so they don't accuse me of over estimating later when I update it. Should I just assume a GS-7 step 1?

P.S. Hope everyones safe during this weird limbo period.


Re: Starting Salary

Post by tttere »

I started with a GS-7 step 1.


Re: Starting Salary

Post by ColoSMART »

If you get a BS and your SF is on the GS payscale, you pretty much start out as a GS-7. However, you can negotiate horizontally on the pay table based on past experience and GPA. Ask your hiring manager about "Superior Qualifications." I was able to negotiate up to a Step 4 based on previous internships and market value of an engineer in the area. It helps that the hiring manager was genuinely interested in helping me as much as he could and not siding with the rest of the government.

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Re: Starting Salary

Post by malarious »

If GS scale you start at 7 due to superior academic achievement. your exact step is negotiable.

On Labdemo you start at a number that tends to be higher. Bachelor's with some experience was 65k$ start. Raise at 6 and 18 months.

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