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SMART social media pages

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if there were other places to meet/talk to younger, civilian DoD employees (could be specific to SMART, or more broad). Anyone know of any Facebook/Instagram/reddit pages like this? Or like a discord or something? Just looking to connect with similar folks.


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Post by guest109 »

I dont know if there is anything like this, but i would be interested in it! I think a discord server would be a cool idea


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Post by TomNook »

There’s technically a SMART scholarship reddit but I’m not sure how active it is. FederalSoup has a forum for generic federal employees with discussions and whatnot regarding jobs, career advice, clearance process, etc. Another sort of group would be cool though. I know my university and others have an “Overheard at XYZ University” type Facebook group.

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Re: SMART social media pages

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Piggybacking off of what TomNook said, you want to look into the forum section on Federal Soup. On reddit, I found r/usajobs and r/fednews to be helpful, although those are geared towards all fed employees rather than DoD specifically.

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Re: SMART social media pages

Post by JDetwiler »

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'll add in the FEVS, which is a governmentwide survey of federal employees. In the 2019 summary, they report on page 41/45 demographics related to age.

Out of the 560,000+ who responded, only 7,269 were <= 25 years old. To really drive it home, they break it down by generation too. Only 767 were born in 1997 or later (currently <= 23 years old).

Side PSA: If anyone here is part of LGBTQ+, the FEVS is a survey to take note of. It's the only one in the government that counts you.
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