Winter/January Term

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Winter/January Term

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Has anyone been successful in convincing SMART to fund a class taken over the winter/January term? I believe the handbook says the scholarship is only valid for Fall/Spring terms, but I don't see why they should oppose the month-long winter term.

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Re: Winter/January Term

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When I looked into taking a winter class online, I found section 7.5 of the 2019 SMART Handbook says that winter and summer courses are not funded by SMART, but a request can be made for funding approval. If you are able to stay on track with graduation and not have to take this class over the winter, it most likely won't be approved (worth asking, though!). When I requested a couple years ago to take a winter course just to lighten my spring semester load, SMART said they might approve funding it on the condition that I add 6 more months to my service commitment post graduation. I respectfully declined and took it during my spring semester instead.

When I have taken summer courses to get ahead in the past, I have just paid for them out of pocket instead of requesting funding.

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