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Site Visit Advice

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Hi all!

I will be going on my site visit in a few days and was wondering if there was anything I should do to prepare. Are there any specific questions that I should ask (and questions not to ask)? Is there anything I should bring? Just any advice from your experience would be great!


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Ask to talk to other SMART Scholars in your agency and be sure to talk to them over lunch. Get their unfiltered opinion. This is a huge commitment you are making and you need to be sure the group you are going into will support you if something goes wrong. Just a quick search through this forum you will find nightmare stories.

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Site Visit Advice

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I am about to go through my first site visit: What can I expect? What are the hidden dangers that I need to be aware of? I really appreciate anyone who can help.
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Re: Site Visit Advice

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This is basically a repeat of the answer above but look at the work environment very carefully. Make certain that you will be happy working there for several years. Looking for SMART scholars who have already completed their education or have completed at least one internship would be a great step. If you can, find the scholars who share your major. While it is possible to do the same with questions you prepare, do everything in your power to get in contact with another scholar.

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