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foreign travel

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So I will be traveling to Japan and the Philippines for the summer. This is just supposed to be for vacation for two months, the thing is is that I am not sure if/how I am supposed to report it. I saw that I can report it to SMART, but do I also have to report it to my SF? My SF hasn't started the process of getting me a clearance or for starting work with them yet. They said that they are still pushing the paperwork through. I have gotten a Secret clearance before (SF is TS), and on the Secret clearance form, I was able to report any foreign travel I did previously. Am I supposed to report my travel now to my SF, or can I just wait for them to send me the initial forms for my TS clearance (they haven't sent that yet) and just report my travel on there?


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The handbook says to submit the form to both your SF and SMART 30 days before travel.


Re: foreign travel

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I was told you needed to fill out a foreign travel notification form, but couldn't find it. I had to email smart and they sent me one. I think I had to to it 60 days in advance though.

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