Phase 2 Start Date

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Phase 2 Start Date

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When do people generally begin their phase 2 commitment? I have heard little from my SF besides that they are "working on my employment." My liaison said that my SF has my hiring paperwork, but how long should I expect the hiring process to take upon graduation?


Re: Phase 2 Start Date

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My SF took 2 months to hire me after I officially graduated, but I'd been done with all graduation requirements a month before then. It was a nice 3 month vacation after years of phd bullshit. SMART continued paying me until I was on board at my SF.

Be proactive and stay on top of your SF to get their hiring paperwork filed, but don't be surprised if it takes a while.


Re: Phase 2 Start Date

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I started a week after graduation (by choice I was offered a start date two weeks earlier, but wanted a short break). One of the steps that can hold up the process is a transcript showing degree conferral (which my school does not issue until 1-2 months after graduation). I was able to get a letter from my advisor saying I had passed all my classes and would be graduating. My SF used this to continue the process and eventually I provided the transcript when it was ready.

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