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I left SMART a couple months early in the summer of 2020, and as part of my sign-on bonus my new employer offered to pay my remaining SMART balance (a few thousand dollars). A couple weeks before I left the SMART liaison called me an asked if I had enough leave to finish my commitment, and even if I got within a few weeks of my repayment date she would look the other way because it "wouldn't be worth the trouble of the repayment paperwork".

It has been almost 7 months and I haven't received a bill for my repayment even after I reached out to the SMART liaison to request one. My employer's commitment to paying the SMART balance expires after one year, so worst case scenario I get a bill over a year after I left and I have to pay it myself. Is there a better way to request a bill, or does my repayment commitment expire at some point?


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Keep your email trail showing you are requesting repayment. It wouldn't legally be worth the trouble for SMART to pursue you if you have a paper trail of trying to pay it off in a reasonable time. I wouldn't worry too much If I was you.

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