NREIP applying for SMART

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NREIP applying for SMART

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Hey all,

I participated in the NREIP (Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program) last summer and am applying for the SMART scholarship now for grad school (I graduate with an electrical engineering degree this semester). I was wondering if anyone else has participated in NREIP and how it will affect my chances of getting accepted since it is an ASEE sponsored program. My main worry is that I will be thrown out early due to a fairly poor GRE and a sub-par GPA (3.48). The lab that I interned with already said they would pick me up if I make it in, the only problem is that I have to make it through ASEE first. Should I be worrying about being thrown out due to bad scores before my past experiences are viewed??

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Re: NREIP applying for SMART

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I wouldn't worry in the least. Besides, who by worrying can add a single hour to his span of life? ;)

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Re: NREIP applying for SMART

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If you meet the minimum requirements, and are in the top half of applicants, you will be passed on. Odds are that your manager would be able to tell you that you've been accepted before SMART gets back to you.

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