Eligibility questions for co-op students

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Eligibility questions for co-op students

Post by ruivn »

Hi, I am a civil engineering student interested in applying for a SMART scholarship and had some questions.

1. Are current co-op students eligible to apply for the scholarship?

2. Are 4+1 programs considered joint BS/MS programs? (I'm a rising junior right now, and was thinking if co-op students aren't eligible for the program, I would switch over to being a 4+1 student in order to qualify for the 1.5 year requirement.) Will they fund a student on a 4+1 program?

3. If 4+1 programs are eligible for the scholarship, would I need to be a official 4+1 student/prove that I am a 4+1 student at the time of submitting the application?

I was just curious about all this because I saw some scary stories on this forum, and I didn't want to risk filling out the long application if I didn't know whether I properly qualified for the program or not.
Thank you.