NIWC-Pac salary

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NIWC-Pac salary

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How much do employees at the NIWC-Pac earn? I was supposed to intern there this summer and was wondering how much graduates with a PhD earn.

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Re: NIWC-Pac salary

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I don't know. However, one thing I've done to infer salary has been to keep an eye on USAJOBS from that specific organization to get an idea. SPecifically takea look at the minimum requirements and find one that aligns with you (even if it's not specifically your specialty). Also keep an eye out for other Navy research lab salaries (e.g. check out the DC surface Warfare lab). You should also see if people in that lab are on demo pay or GS. If you save some example USAjobs postings and bring them to your salary negotation, this will be a great unbiased way to leverage a fair salary.

Though I can say from the USAJOBS listings I've seen for Navy research labs, the starting salaries for someone with a PhD and work experience as a Research Assistant are around GS-13 or a bit higher (Navy labs seem to pay better than Army labs). From my personal experience with Army as a PhD graduate (with a little work experience during my MS/Ph

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Re: NIWC-Pac salary

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I found out that NIWC-Pac has the "New Professional" program.

Salaries for the NP program are:

BS - $45,875 - 71,475
MS - $80,429 - 88,253
PhD - $103,601

Everyone gets an annual locality pay bonus of about 29.8% your base salary

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