2020 Finalist Decisions

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Re: 2020 Finalist Decisions

Post by SecondChanceGuest »

I also got an acceptance today.


Re: 2020 Finalist Decisions

Post by mediumS »

Nothing. Guess that’s it then.

“Man who thought he had lost all hope loses last little bit of additional hope he didn’t know he had”


Re: 2020 Finalist Decisions

Post by second_chancer »

I can confirm that I also received a second chance email on the 21st.

For those of you curious (first-time applicant):

Year: Freshman (Junior by credit), 4.00 GPA
Institution: University of Maryland, College Park
Major: Computer Science, Physics, considering minor in Mathematics
Standardized Exams: SAT-1550 composite, No ACT
Location: CCDC CBC C5ISR Center
Interviews: 2 - C5ISR, NSWC Carderock (3rd choice)
Top Three?: Second choice, but my top three were not in a particular pecking order.

I am assuming third choice decisions may come out eventually. It seems as though many of the people who received "second chance" emails were awarded by their second-choice facility.


Re: 2020 Finalist Decisions

Post by Coastie »

I also found out on the 21st on the second round of emails and it was my second choice facility as well. Considering we found out on the same day as the first batch of recipients had to have accepted or declined and turn in the required documents, I’d expect the next batch of awards to go out May 5th when our deadline is.


Re: 2020 Finalist Decisions

Post by MEsandiego »

I have not heard anything since being notified I was a semifinalist. I thought it was due to the whole Covid crisis. But you all have heard?


Re: 2020 Finalist Decisions

Post by MegGoldberry »

I have also not heard back after the semifinalist email and one of my locations verbally said they'd chosen me over the phone.I have been checking spam. I am a little heartsick now thinking I might have missed it. I just sent an email to smart.

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Re: 2020 Finalist Decisions

Post by hbur2 »

I got it!

My sponsoring facility will be Edwards AFB
My Major is Electrical Engineering (BS)
I had a 3.5 G.P.A

It looks like I will be working on integrated flight/weapon system testing. Sounds very exciting.

I have my virtual site visit this afternoon and I will update how it all went.

Congrats to other recipients!

Here's to a (hopefully) bright future!

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