Internship Housing

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Internship Housing

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I was wondering what happens if you are chosen for somewhere far from your current location how housing is handled. Renting an apartment is a thing but very few places just rent for the summer.

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Re: Internship Housing

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If your SF is <50 miles from your living address they will pay you 1000 a week for the duration of your internship (usually around 8-12 weeks). You are responsible for finding transport and housing. If you live <50 miles from your living address they will not give you any internship support payments. Wherever you live you will receive your normal stipend payments each month.

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Re: Internship Housing

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As mentioned above, you do get extra stipend in the summer to help offset cost of housing near your SF if it’s far away. My SF was in the middle of nowhere so I ended up in a hotel all summer, extended stay through Hilton Home2 Suites. It was like $4,000 for the whole 10 weeks. If your SF is near a university, often times they will rent dorms out to interns for the summer. There also are AirBnB longer term rentals and sometimes apartments that will do a 3 month lease.

I’m actually from D.C. (annoyed that I had to go to the middle of nowhere when there’s literally a million SFs near me but that’s a whole other issue) and we have intern-specific housing that a lot of student use when working DoD/DoJ/Congressional internships. I’m sure other larger cities have something intern/short term corporate available.

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