Education Work Plan Confusion

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Education Work Plan Confusion

Postby codeToad » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:19 pm

I have been working on my education work plan and am uncertain about two things. First, my school has undergraduate students like myself to complete a senior design project. Does this count as a final project under graduation project requirements? In this case, this wouldn't be a dissertation/thesis project for section 3 of the last page?

My second question is regarding AP/IB credits. I assume that I have to show that I have gotten all those credits and they have been accepted by my college, but what should I put for term/year, start date, and end date?

Thank you for any help in advance. I am really excited about getting this, but I don't want to foul anything up by filling out paperwork incorrectly.
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Re: Education Work Plan Confusion

Postby GuestAnon » Sun Apr 14, 2019 10:40 am


Last year when I was filling out my acceptance paperwork, I ran into this scenario as well.

First, I had a lot of transfer credits. I filled out a transfer "term," without start and end dates. I would look at how your school lists transfer credits. Mine lists their course number andname, so that's what I used on the form.

Second, I also have a final project. I listed it in the section where it asks if you have one, but I did not fill out a description. I still don't even know what my project will be exactly. For undergrad, that's fine.

God luck and congratulations!

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