New-Demo Pay Scale

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New-Demo Pay Scale

Postby guest1234543212345 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:33 pm


I've been searching a lot to find the new-demo pay scale online. I can no longer find it. It should be a PDF with all the bases and localities pay increases.

Let me know if you guys find it. Thank you!

Re: New-Demo Pay Scale

Postby GoogleIsAmazing » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:38 am


Re: New-Demo Pay Scale

Postby LetGoMyDemo » Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:38 am

GoogleIsAmazing wrote:Is this what you are referring to? ... -schedule/

This is the GS scale, OP is asking for the DEMO scale.

The DEMO scale appears to have been renamed to CAPS, which is probably why you can no longer find it. Here you go: ... V01_006348

Re: New-Demo Pay Scale

Postby LOL_DOD_Quizzes » Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:30 pm

Try this link for information on AFRL LabDEMO.

I'll also warn you that while this may sound like a good thing, it is truly debatable if it pays more than the GS scale. Basically it allows the command to eliminate mandatory step increases ( and prevents the organization from having a bunch of maxed out GS employees. What does this mean? Under the GS pay scale you automatically got your step increase at specified periods and they had to give it to you regardless of any changes in actual responsibilities.

I'm going to take a detour to discuss the GS pay scale first and why it is bad for organizations. Assume you were a GS-13 with for 10-12 years in that pay grade you ware going to be close to being maxed out (you almost never will start at step 1 due to step assignment after grade increase rules). Many organizations have civil servants that have been working for 30+ years and have been in the same grade (13 usually) for a long time because the GS 14 & 15 are usually fairly competitive and not common. So from an organizational point of view the organization has to pay a maxed out 13 for the same duties that an entry-level 13 could do which doesn't make much sense. That is bad business.

The DEMO pay scale is sold to employees as to pay you according to your responsibilities, contributions to the organization, and merits. However what this conceptually really lets the organization due is adjust the linear pay increase line according to your job description or organizational bottom line. That is depending on the actual total amount of salary the organization has to pay to its employees it can slow down your pay raises! You might get a bonus for exceptional service (available under GS scale), but your annual pay increases can be limited to 0 (rare) if needed. So this provides the business with the capability to better manage their operating costs by slowing down (or speeding up) pay increases that were static under the GS scale.

All that being said I think the DEMO system is better, but it is hard to say if it truly is better than the GS system over a long period of time. The most beneficial aspect of the DEMO bands is that it opens up promotion opportunities that were not open under the GS scale. For example if a GS-14 spot opens up it usually would have a qualifier that at least X number of years required at a GS-13 level. If you were a GS-12 then you were out of luck for that position. Now sense the DR-II band includes 12 and 13 a DR-II employee could qualify to apply for a DR-III position.

I hope this helps give some insight into the DEMO payscale system.

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