Phase II Rotations at SF

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Phase II Rotations at SF

Postby ThisMakesNoSense » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:21 pm

Hey everyone,

I have started Phase II of the scholarship program a few months ago with the department I had selected originally years ago and interned with. I actually do not mind my job and think the fit is the best possible scenario within the DoD for me. The problem is the internship program at my SF decided that I need to do 'rotations' within the SF and switch departments every 8 months and want to send me to departments irrelevant to what I know and want to do. My current mentor and boss does not want to let me go but it may be out of their hands as this is a 'higher ups' scenario. If I had come in to this job not through the SMART scholarship, I could just threaten quitting or actually quit as this would be a large waste of my time. Is this in any way a breach of contract with SMART or does anyone know of any leverage I could have against this? Or has this happened to anyone else in the program?

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