Anyone with "temp closed" as of last weekend get in?

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Anyone with "temp closed" as of last weekend get in?

Postby Guest » Tue May 09, 2017 8:21 pm

What I am seeing right now is the only people who are currently accepted are people who had the temp closed error message 4 weeks ago. A few others, including myself, got that message last weekend after the budget was increased.

I only got the inconclusive email today, but my school had an awardee listed this year on the data that was posted. My school is very small and I would likely know if anyone else applied. I did not get an award yet.

My hypothesis is the people who got the change 4 weeks ago got in and have had time to be processed, but more were possibly added after the budget increase, but have not had time to process, thus the reason for the non-rejection email.

I am just curious if any of the 4 week error change people did not get in, and if any of the last weekend change people did get in.

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